We offer two types of fountains; free standing and larger fountains within their own reservoirs.

Free standing fountains are designed to circulate water from a bowl and through a finial or other top piece. Pumps are included with all fountains and the pump in the free standing versions are located in a hidden housing within the water reservoir. The electric cord travels through the base of the piece and is also hidden.

The larger fountains come with a larger reservoir comprised of either a solid polypropylene pond liner (round fountain bases) or flexible pond liner laid over an aluminum frame (square fountain bases). Decorative concrete coping pieces are then used to cover the pond edges. The pump is hidden in a pump housing at the base of the fountain. This unique design approach makes the larger fountains modular and manageable.

Note that fountains can be a bit tricky to set up and we include small unobtrusive wedges that can used to balance the top pieces and optimise the water flow effects. Fountain bowls should be protected from freezing ice expansion by either taking them in during the winter months or emptying them of water and turning them upside down.

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