We offer two types of fountains; free standing and larger fountains within their own reservoirs.

Free standing fountains are designed to circulate water from a bowl and through a finial or other top piece. Pumps are included with all fountains and the pump in the free standing versions are located in a hidden housing within the water reservoir. The electric cord travels through the base of the piece and is also hidden.

The larger fountains come with a larger reservoir comprised of either a solid polypropylene pond liner (round fountain bases) or flexible pond liner laid over an aluminum frame (square fountain bases). Decorative concrete coping pieces are then used to cover the pond edges. The pump is hidden in a pump housing at the base of the fountain. This unique design approach makes the larger fountains modular and manageable.

Note that fountains can be a bit tricky to set up and we include small unobtrusive wedges that can used to balance the top pieces and optimise the water flow effects. Fountain bowls should be protected from freezing ice expansion by either taking them in during the winter months or emptying them of water and turning them upside down.

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American Colonial Fountain, stained concrete water feature for outdoor garden or patio

American Colonial Fountain (Pump Incl.)

In this series of benches, birdbaths, fountains, planters, pedestals and lamp, seasoned designer & sculptor Klaus Kinast has attempted to capture the design essence of the American Colonial period. This term generally refers to that period of U.S. history from the time of European settlement (the late 16th c.) up to independence in 1776, with particular emphasis on the Thirteen Colonies of Britain. The design of this period was predominately that of the European states from where the settlers came from, but was influenced by the simpler lives that these people lived. Gone was the heavy emphasis on ostentatious decoration, instead being replaced by a simpler, less cluttered and easier style. Great use was made of local woods in furniture design and quilting and fabric became important decoration.  Motifs were generally simple in the form of natural flowers & fruit. As the style developed, higher grade furniture was introduced along with decorative accessories and fabrics.

w27” x d27” x h41” 300 lb, 8 pieces

Shown in Western Slate

Pump included



Crystal Fountain, stained concrete water feature for outdoor garden or patio

Crystal Fountain

w48” x d48” x h54” 900 lb, 15 pieces 

Shown in Ancient Stone

Pump included


Dragonfly Fountain, stained concrete water feature for outdoor garden or patio

Dragonfly Fountain (Pump Incl.)

In this popular series of garden statuary, talented artist Klaus Kinast has carefully sculpted dragonfly themed ‘bas-relief’ (low relief) onto the surface of each piece. Considered lucky in Japanese culture and symbolising courage, dragonflies fit nicely into most gardens.

In the dragonfly series;

Curved Bench

Straight Bench



Half Planter


w27” x d27” x h43”   260 lb, 8 pieces

Shown in Ancient Stone

Pump included



Concrete Fountain, Patio , outdoor Art

Drystack Patio Fountain -Square (Pump Incl)

This smaller fountain will complement a patio or deck perfectly. It can be tucked against a wall or in a corner and still offer the elegance and tranquility only running water can give.

w16” x d16″ x h29” 190 lb  4 Pieces (Pump Included)

Shown in Western Slate



Oval Fountain, stained concrete water feature for outdoor garden or patio

Oval Quintet Fountain (Pump Incl.)

Inspired by a love of the orchestra, Klaus Kinast has created this water feature masterpiece. Echoes of Shubert’s Water Music and Strauss’s Blue Danube can be heard flowing through its elegant structure.The rhythmic sound of water flowing from vessel to vessel make the Oval Quintet Fountain a fine performance indeed.

 w48” x d48” x h57” 635 lb, 16 pieces 

Shown in Ancient Stone

Pump included

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