Here is our popular signature line of garden faces. These faces, especially the larger ones, look terrific in the garden and truly make a statement. Retailers will often display them with large leafy plants behind.

Larger faces are manufactured in a thinner gauge of concrete, with a high fibre content. This material has the same weathering properties as traditional cast concrete, but the process allows us to produce larger pieces without concern about them being too heavy. A by-product of the process is an attractive aged, pitted look. Manufacture of these large faces is not an exact process, so each face will look slightly different.

The Portrait of Mother Nature face was a our first design and is still extremely popular; we offer it in a few different sizes and have an option for a medium sized face where a cloth plant pot holder is attached to the back. Other great designs include a male face (the Young Emperor), a Tree Man, Leaf Maiden, Tiki, Easter Island, Greenman, Buddha, Neptune and a unique piece for theatre enthusiasts (Comedy & Tragedy).

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