We are constantly designing new pieces. This sets us apart from other companies and, to be honest, it’s the fun side of the business! We have found that retailers are anxious to see and stock our latest products. For practical reason, we really can only ‘introduce’ new designs annually, when we include them in a printed catalog or supplement. We can, however, supply new pieces earlier than their formal introduction date and we add them to the website in this section as they become available.

Here are our latest new, original and unique designs – check back regularly to see more!:

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Amber – Wall Plaque

Amber will adorn any fence or wall and evoke thoughts and comments on whether or not she is carved from real wood.

w13″ x d3″ x h21″   7lbs

Shown in Ancient Stone


Recommended Finish: Ancient Stone

Book Birdbath

w20″ x d20″ x h25″   160lbs

Shown in Western Slate



Chiseled Stone Portrait – Large

A different take on one of our most popular faces. This portrait appears to have been painstakingly chiseled out of a boulder.

w21” x d10” x h22” 110 lb

Shown in Western Slate




Contemporary Bench

This bench has been designed with modern spaces in mind.

w46” x d17” x h18” 220 lb, 3 pieces

Shown in Basalt Grey


Dragon Birdbath

This Friendly Dragon will try and keep your feathered friends safe while they drink and bathe.

w13″ x d13″ x h19″   65lbs

Shown in Basalt Gray



Dragonfly Bowl

Another member of our Dragonfly Collection. This one really captures the beauty of the 4 winged marvel.

w16″ x d16″ x h5″   30lbs

Shown in York Stone



Enlightened Owl -Large

The Classic wise owl is depicted doing what they are known for.

w10” x d12” x h20″  65 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone


Europa – Garden Overseer

The Globe of the Overseer is thought to concentrate energy in your Garden and cast it back in 360 degrees.

Look into it and you will see the entire garden inside.

w10″ x d10″ x h40″   120lbs

Shown in Western State



Fairy Door – Small

Fairy Doors spark our imagination and lead us to believe that if we stare long enough, we might catch a glimpse of a magical creature coming or going from a world behind them.

w13” x d5” x h18” 15 lb

Shown in York Stone




Foo Dog – Medium

Foo Dogs, also known as Imperial Lions, are Guardians and Protectors. Sitting Outside a Doorway or at the head of a pathway, this one will keep occupants and visitors safe.

w9” x d8” x h17” 45 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone




Live Edge Bench – Driftwood Bases

Yes it is concrete. This magnificent Live edge wood bench will add class and a rustic outdoors touch to your garden or patio seating areas.

w47” x d16” x h18” 180 lb, 3 pieces

Shown in Ancient Stone


Muse – Contemplation Mask

“Muse” has many definitions including that of a person or force that gives someone ideas.

Allow this mask to help you “Contemplate” your next creative venture.

w10” x d8” x h26” 45 lb (2 pieces)

Shown in Ancient Stone

Code: MUSE



Nouveau Eagle

The Eagle is another in our collection of Nouveau styled Apex creatures. Majestic alone or display with the others in the

range for a stunning effect. With a Gallery feel, these can have a dramatic impact to your decor indoors or out.

w7” x d12” x h18″  30 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone


Nouveau Wolf

Another in our collection of Nouveau styled Apex creatures. The Elusive Wolf is more distinguished with the modern.

w7” x d12” x h15″  30 lb

Shown in Basalt Grey