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Venus Torso (Hanging)

The Venus torso is a partial replica of the famous Venus de Milo statue currently residing in the Louvre museum in Paris. This statue from antiquity was discovered on the Greek Island of Milos. It is thought to have been created sometime between 130 and 100 BC by Alexandros of Antioch. Although commonly known as Venus de Milo, her correct title is Aphrodite of Milos; Aphrodite was the Greek Goddesses of Love & beauty, Venus being her Roman equivalent.

w13” x d3” x h21” 25 lb

Shown in Western Slate



Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion, having its origins in India more than 5000 years ago. Hindus believe in ‘Samsara’ or the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.The gods Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the Provider, shown here) and Shiva (the Destroyer) represent this belief. Liberation from ‘Samsara’ can only be found through the pursuit of the ultimate goal in life – ‘Moksha’. This spiritual state is achieved by performing good deeds and being devoted to God. Hindu theology views God as being one but that this one can have many manifestations of forms.

w19” x d12” x h37” 180 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone, shown on Oriental Riser & Ancient Brick Plynth

Code: VISH

Waking Dragon

Beyond the Maze, deep within the caverns, and wallowing in the mire, lay the gentle beast of Mythology.

In centuries past, his Crest proudly blazed on King Arthur’s battle helmet, now he waits patiently, for time to restore his rightful place amongst the Celts, when he once again will represent the emblem of Sovereignty. If you listen carefully you will hear the slow, rhythmic beating heart of the Waking Dragon.

w11” x d14” x h19” 55 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone

Code: WAK

Water Carrier concrete statue

Water Carrier

In Greek mythology, Venus, the goddess of love, was served by a beautiful attendant named Hebe. Hebe’s role was that of cup bearer for the gods. This classic Water carrier statue is based on the mythical Hebe and would make a fine addition to any home or garden.

w8” x d5” x h36”  95 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone 

Code: WAT

Wicker Bench, stained concrete furniture for outdoor garden or patio

Wicker Bench

w42” x d14” x h15”   160 lb, 3 pieces

Shown in Ancient Stone

Code: WIC

Window Arch Ruin garden folly statue

Window Arch Ruin

The Window Arch Ruin looks terrific when located in a garden setting where an attractive vista can be viewed through the windows or alternatively add a planter to the sill. Can be left outside year-round.

w23” x d12” x h39”  210 lb

Shown in Western Slate

Code: WAR

Concrete statuary, mythology, garden art,

Woodland Princess – Large

The Woodland princess is as important to the forest as it is to her. Neither would survive without the other as shown in this captivating peice from Klaus Kinast.

w24” x d22” x h36”  230 lb 

Shown in Ancient Stone



statue,concrete statuary, garden art,

Woodland Princess – Small

The Woodland princess is as important to the forest as it is to her. Neither would survive without the other as shown in this captivating peice from Klaus Kinast.

w10” x d8” x h20”  30lb 

Shown in York Stone



Young Emperor Large and Medium,stained concrete faces for outdoor garden or patio

Young Emperor

Pictured here is the youthful face of the most influential leader of 18th & 19th century Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte.  He was born Napoleone di Buonaparte on the island of Corsica in 1769 into minor Italian nobility. He survived the tumultuous times of the French revolution and went on to rise to the top of the French military . A brilliant military strategist and gifted political leader, Napoleon experienced many glorious victories and installed himself as Emperor of France in 1804. He was eventually defeated at the battle of Waterloo in 1815 and died in exile on the British island of Saint Helena.

w22” x d10” x h27” 90 lb

Shown left in Western Slate

Code: YOUN