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Elephant Wall Plaque

This amazingly lifelike Elephant will bring your Garden or Patio to life. Add a third dimension to your Garden wall or fence with this Unique Hanging Sculpture.

w19” x d19” x h6.5” 25 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone

Code: ELE-WP


garden statuary, concrete animals, outdoor decor, garden art

Giant Galapagos Tortoise

This depiction of the iconic Galapagos Tortoise will add serenity to your garden or patio and will slow down any hectic lifestyle.

Slow and easy wins the race. 

w36” x d40″ x h13” 230 lb   4 Pieces

Shown in Ancient Stone



Meerkat Baby

The Meer Baby would be lost without Mum but will certainly find friends in any garden.

w6” x d7” x h12” 2 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone

Code: MEER-B

Nouveau Bear

Sculpted with nouveau style,this artful rendition of the graceful grizzly bear can add life to a garden or bring a gallery feel indoors.

w19” x d8″ x h10” 60 lb 




Nouveau Eagle

The Eagle is another in our collection of Nouveau styled Apex creatures. Majestic alone or display with the others in the

range for a stunning effect. With a Gallery feel, these can have a dramatic impact to your decor indoors or out.

w7” x d12” x h18″  30 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone


Nouveau Wolf

Another in our collection of Nouveau styled Apex creatures. The Elusive Wolf is more distinguished with the modern.

w7” x d12” x h15″  30 lb

Shown in Basalt Grey


Seahorse – Large

The Seahorse is one of the oceans most intriguing and delightful creatures. Klaus Kinast has expertly captured the elegance and charm of the stately Seahorse for you to transport the Nautical into your garden.

w19” x d10” x h36” 180 lb

Shown in Western Slate

Code: SEA-L