Ealhelm Gargoyle

After a terrible argument with his girlfriend, Ealhelm perched himself upon the side of a building cornice to contemplate his next move. So engrossed in thought was he that he completely lost track of time and unfortunately the morning light turned him to stone. As time passed, the building was torn down. A mason working on the demolition chanced upon Ealhelm and was taken by his forlorn, lifelike expression. The mason saved the poor fellow from certain destruction and vowed never to let his new friend spend his days alone. Ealhelm is an old Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘protector of temples’.

w12” x d16” x h27” 120 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone

Code: EAL


Additional information

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 16 × 27 in

Ancient Stone, Basalt Grey, Western Slate, York Stone

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