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2017/18 Catalog

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Unique Garden Statuary

Castart Studios is an innovative manufacturer of original designs in garden statuary, ornaments, sculpture, birdbaths, fountains, benches, lanterns, planters, and our popular face collection. We create modern interpretations of classic designs and unique originals and continually innovate with new designs being created on an ongoing basis.

We have themed collections that include: Ancient World, Buddhism / Eastern / Asian, Butterfly, Classics, Dragonfly, Frogs,  Gargoyle / Mythological, Hummingbird, and Turtles / Fish / Otters.

Our products are sold through independent garden centres, nurseries, garden gift stores and home décor stores.

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Castart Studios CAST Quality. Original ART.

Our exclusive concrete blends are durable and weather worthy, built to stand cold Canadian winters. Each piece is hand finished in one of four natural colours: Ancient Stone, Basalt Grey, Western Slate or York Stone.

We have also developed a special blend of  that is durable yet lighter than regular concrete allowing us to design and produce much larger but manageable pieces.

Our top-quality concrete can stay outside all year round (with the exception of items that collect water; birdbath bowls, fountains etc., we recommend covering, inverting or taking in these particular items in the winter). Our products have been exposed to the harsh conditions of the Canadian prairie winter for many years now, without significant problems.

New and Featured Garden Products

Hanging Wide Mouth Bass for outdoor wall

Hanging Wide Mouth Bass

The Hanging Wide Mouth Bass is manufactured using our ‘lay-up’ technique, which allows us to produce a larger impressive garden piece that is not unmanageable to hang Perfect for the fisherman.

w25″ x d5” x h10” 10 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone

Code: HWMB

Dollar Bull Garden Ornament

Dollar Bull

Dollar Bull is a representation of the famous Wall St. Bull. Put it outside your house to bring good fortune.

w12” x d22” x h10” 50 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone

Code: DOLB

Window Arch Ruin garden folly statue

Window Arch Ruin

The Window Arch Ruin looks terrific when located in a garden setting where an attractive vista can be viewed through the windows or alternatively add a planter to the sill. Can be left outside year-round.

w23” x d12” x h39”  210 lb

Shown in Western Slate

Code: WAR

Namaste Buddha Statue, large peaceful concrete ornament for the meditation or Japanese garden

Namaste Temple Buddha

The Nameste Temple Buddha is a large peaceful Buddha that is peacefully posed in the classic namaste greeting position. Can be left outside year-round.

w31” x d17” x h34” 160 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone

Code: NSTB

Unique Giant Garden Mushroom (44" high"), made in 2 pieces from concrete

Garden Mushroom – Giant 44″

Part of a very attractive five piece set, this decorative Giant Garden Mushroom ornament is manufactured in 2 parts; the base is cast solid and the top is made using our ‘lay-up’ technique. The result is a great looking woodland garden feature that can be left outside year round.

Other Garden Mushrooms in the series are:

32″  Click here

27″  Click here

21″  Click here

16″  Click here

w32 ”x d32” x h44” 280 lb, 2 pieces 

Shown in Ancient Stone

Code: GMUSH-44

Tranquility sleeping garden face statue


Tranquility is comprised of the faces of two young lovers peacefully resting together. The piece is cast solid, but is designed to be hollow at the rear to help with weight reduction.

w35” x d21” x h27”  150 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone



Decorative School of Fish hanging wall plaques for the garden

School of Fish

These wall hanging fish are available as a set of 3 or can be purchased individually. Each fish measures 21″ wide and weighs 12lbs, they are particularly attractive when displayed as a set. They come with a hanger attached at the back.

School of Fish (3 fish) 36 lb, 3 pieces

Shown in Western Slate

Code: SCHF

Jizo Bosatsu Child - The Preacher concrete Buddha garden ornament, statue

Jizo Bosatsu Child – The Preacher

Jizo Bosatsu Child – The Preacher

In Japan, among the most commonplace and much loved icons in Buddhist tradition is Jizō, or Ojizō-sama as he is more respectfully known.

Jizō is usually pictured as a small stone Buddhist monk statue with child-like features and traditionally carrying a staff and jewels. He is revered as the protector of children and travelers.

Jizō statues can often be found dressed in colorful bibs and clothing (usually red), a practice dating back centuries and thought to help to bring fertility, to protect children and to grant longevity.

Pictured here is the Preacher, but there is also the Protector and Peacemaker in the series.

w6” x d6” x h12” 20 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone 

Code: JZ-PRE