Unique Garden Statuary and Birdbaths

Unique Garden Statuary

Castart Studios is an innovative manufacturer of original designs in garden statuary, sculpture, birdbaths, fountains, benches, lanterns, planters, and our very popular Face Collection. We create modern interpretations of classic designs like our mermaid bowl and unique originals like or Face Collection. We continually innovate with new designs being created every year.

We have themed collections that include: Ancient World, Buddhism / Eastern / Asian, Butterfly, Classics, Dragonfly, Frogs,  Gargoyle / Mythological, Hummingbird, and Turtles / Fish / Otters. Our ever popular Rapa Nui Easter Island Head Statues come in a wide range of sizes from desktop to a gigantic four foot high version. To create these extra large  concrete statues we have developed a special blend of concrete that is both durable and much lighter than regular concrete.

Our products are sold through independent garden centres, nurseries, garden gift stores and home décor stores.

To find a retailer of Castart Studios products near you use our handy dealer locator http://www.castartstudios.com/castart-dealer-locator.

If you wish to buy our garden statuary products online please visit http://castartifacts.com.

Castart Studios CAST Quality. Original ART.

Our exclusive concrete blends are durable and weather worthy, built to stand cold Canadian winters. Each piece is hand finished in one of three natural colours: Ancient Stone, Western Slate or York Stone.

Our top-quality concrete can stay outside all year round, although items that collect water (birdbath bowls, fountains etc.) may crack when standing water freezes and subsequently expands (this is true of all concrete). We recommend covering, inverting or taking in these particular items in the winter. Our products have been exposed to the harsh conditions of the Canadian prairie winter for many years now, without any significant problems.

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